Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity has always been the first thing our new customers asked for, especially for the start-up sock business.

To be honest, Marel Sukses Pratama, as a sock factory, has long been producing socks in large quantities. We produce 17.280 pairs of socks per day and serve some importers in Asia, Europe, Australia and America. However, in recent years there has been a trend that the custom sock business is growing rapidly worldwide while young entrepreneurs are struggling to find a sock factory with low MOQs.

Marel Sukses Pratama recognizes the potential of such a small but beautiful company and wants to help with the highest quality socks and a satisfactory communication service.

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Our minimum order quantities for various sock yarns:

[BIG CHANGE in minimum order quantity for custom socks]

We are now only starting with 500 pairs per model (each sock design and size is used as a model). Thanks to our flexible production line, we’ve made it a lot easier for small orders of colored socks! For small brands, gifts, team building, brand awareness, giving away, etc.

Updated on 2021.01.21

YarnMOQs (in pairs)YarnMOQs (in pairs)
Regular Cotton500Thermolite1000
Combed Cotton500Bamboo1000

Note that the MOQs are for each design, which means that if you have 10 designs, the MOQs will be 10*1,000=10,000 pairs in total.

MOQ = 500 pairs / color / size / design for available colors in stock.

MOQ = 1,000 pairs / color / size / design for new yarns if we have to do match/labdip and use special colors according to customer requirement.

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