PT Marel Sukses Pratama was founded in 2002 by Martin Lukas Hs in Sleman, Yogyakarta. This company has a vision to be a leading socks industry partner with an international reputation and blessings for others. The company also has a mission namely, to serve our customers with first-class service and provide them with the latest technology, information, the best quality and on-time delivery. PT Marel Sukses Pratama also provides further education to employees to achieve their goals through a shared work culture, teamwork and passion. PT Marel Sukses Pratama’s commitment is to continue to grow by listening to input from customers.

In 2005 the company produced Converse socks for the Indonesian market. In 2006 the company produced Spalding and Lotto socks for the Indonesian market. In 2007 The company also produces Ellesse, Union Bay and Diadora socks for the Indonesian market. In 2008 the company produced Adidas and Reebok socks for the Indonesian market. In 2009 the company began to develop and market its products outside Indonesia as evidenced by the arrival of orders for Adidas socks for the Southeast Asian market.

In 2010 the company produced Hansa socks for the Slovak market and Volcom socks for the Indonesian market. In 2011 the company produced 9 force socks for the New Zealand market. In 2012 the company produced Caterham socks for the UK market. In 2013 the company produced Bata socks for the Indonesian market and in 2014 the company produced New Balance and Adidas socks for the Asia Pacific market.