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Socks have come a long way for various model and category. Some sporting goods and outdoor stores offer a technology of “performance socks,” tricked out with high-tech properties such as moisture wicking, temperature control, breathable and arch support. Some of them has many features which can support for the activities. Proper fit and sizing play a big part in ensuring that socks can be used for maximum comfort. Nowadays, sock manufacturers have taken more research and development so socks would be comfortable, pratical and functional.

People usually use cotton for sport activities because it can absorb the sweat very well. Unlike cotton, nylon has stronger material. Nylon usually used for soccer sport. Synthetics like nylon help socks retain their shape. Some synthetics may provide arch support.

We called Eco-friendly materials for Cotton Bamboo. It offers moisture wicking and odor control properties. Socks from cotton bamboo is softer than regular cotton, and it’s naturally anti-bacterial so feet can stay healthy.

For extreme temperature, we can use socks form Thermolite yarns. Thermolite is a technical yarn that delivers all the warmth and comfort even when wet. Thermolite is a lightweight yarn that provides heavy duty performance, it is breathable, moisture wicking and above all warm. if feet get wet they will retain their thermal properties and they also dry very quickly.

Coolmax is a specifically engineered fabric which is created from a blend of Polyester fibres. It’s designed to improve breathability compared with natural fibres. Cool max can keep your feet feeling cool, dry and fresher for longer. Coolmax offer high-performance technology for extreme activities.

Good socks manufacturer doesn’t only provide high quality socks at competitive price, prompt delivery or excellent service, but they must also provide with technology development so they can be more competitive for global market.